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Welcome to the Chris Campbell Center website. This site is dedicated to all groups dedicated to working with the people of Site B Khayelitsha, South Africa.

The Campbell Center started off with a lighted tiger-turf soccer field located beside the Ikhusi Primary School. It has grown to include a classsroom, bathrooms and office space. We are dedicated to using the global reach of the sport of soccer to give educational opportunities to both the people of Khayelitsha and to U.S. College students interested in studying abroad in the Cape Town region.

Our focus is singular in developing the Site B community. We are open to all groups and organizations who share our interest in building relationships with these people.

To date our focus has been on finding creative ways to use soccer to benefit the community. We have run crime prevention and gender equity soccer tournaments; we have taught HIV/AIDS prevention to teenagers and business skills to young adults. Small businesses are emerging from the local community, using the Campbell facility to generate income.

In the future, we dream of opening the facility to American College students who are interested in applying their business and pre-med skills to working with these people. Franklin & Marshall College's Ware Institute for Civic Engagement is leading this initiative and currently creating the F&M in Cape Town program.

We also are working with the business community in Lancaster opening philanthropic opportunities. Lancaster based Soccer Shots is creating a program to directly fund our partners whom are working at the field. The powerful Lancaster Rotary is also getting involved and is considering sending a team of medical professionals to the Campbell Facility.

None of this could have been done without the unbelievable work of the CTCTen foundation. Based out of mainline Philadelphia, the Foundation was created with one objective, build the Chris Campbell Field and Education Center. This group was born out of the tragic passing of Chris Campbell, an F&M soccer star who passed away the day before his senior soccer season. The Campbell Foundation was formed out of Chris's family and their close friends. Out of that tragedy, the miracle that is the Campbell Center has sprung.

To learn more about the various facets of the work being done at the Campbell Facility, please explore this site.

Blog Posts

Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam Set to Paint Mural on CCMF Clubhouse

(Freddy Sam's most recent mural in downtown Cape Town)

The clubhouse at the CCMF will be receiving a huge makeover starting Saturday, November 10th when local artist and…


Posted by Eric Elicker on November 9, 2012 at 4:09pm

AMANDLA EduFootball Program Update

Fair Play Football (Update)

The Fair Play Football curriculum is in the process of some exciting innovation. Whereas the program in place at the beginning of this year aimed to address specific skills within 4-week phases that focused on one skill at a time, sessions…


Posted by Eric Elicker on October 8, 2012 at 6:19pm

Hitting The Reset Button Blog 1

Eric and I were talking the other night about our blog(s) and whether or not our readers understand what we’re writing; in short, we want you to “get it.”  All of it.  So we’re going to hit the reset button, play simple, start at the beginning, give background of people, places, and institutions, all so that we can be as referential as we’d like in our writing and enhance your comprehension.  So…

Where are we?

Well, that depends.  The short version is that we’re…


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Ndiyaku Khumbula


It’s hard to believe I’ve already been here for almost two months. I guess that means I owe all of you faithful followers an apology for this being my first blog post. It’s not that I meant to neglect you; I just let Lauren and Bernie write before me.  

Since I arrived, the field has been buzzing with unbelievable energy. From the 24 Hour Event to the ONE Goal Holiday Program to AMANDLA programs, the CCMF hasn’t taken a break. Obviously this wouldn’t be possible…


Posted by Eric Elicker on July 27, 2012 at 8:02pm

See what is happening right now on the field!

AMANDLA EduFootball Sport-for-Development Programs

AMANDLA Life Skills Program:

The Life Skills Program engages young people in social skills development by creating a platform for dialogue between young people and strong community leaders. This four-phase program gives young people the opportunity to better understand themselves and their relationships in order to empower them to make positive choices for their future. 

AMANDLA Fair Play Football Program:

The Fair Play Football program is a 26-week football-training curriculum that develops strong football players and teaches respect for opponents, referees and teammates. Young people participate in 1 training session per week and 1 match day per week. The skills covered during trainings are passing, dribbling, turning, shooting, defending and heading. 

FPF facilitators evaluate teams' fair play every match. Teams can receive up to 8 Fair Play points per game for demonstrating teamwork, showing respect, dealing with frustration, and dealing with set-backs.


AMANDLA Crime Prevention League:

The Crime Prevention League is a 5-a-side soccer league played every Friday and Saturday night. This time was specifically chosen to alter the behavior of the local population away from drugs, alcohol, and crime. Instead of frequenting the local bars, league participants can engage in a soccer league that will allow them to better their skills in a fun, positive, and constructive atmosphere. 


F&M Men's Soccer News

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FIFA Article on Campbell Field

It is a scorching summer's day and FIFA Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak, is lying on a field doing push-ups among some 150 excited seventh grade school kids. The compact field, with its bright green artificial turf, neatly painted sidelines and gleaming white goals, is pressed up against a school building and straddled tightly on the remaining three sides by tin-shacks, abandoned cars and curious onlookers. "Respect. Participate. Share," a group of children yell from the centre of the pitch, spirits high and smiles wide.

The Chris Campbell Memorial field at Ikusi Primary School is a small slice of recently-opened football heaven, located somewhere inside the maze of dirt roads and shacks that make up the Khayelitsha township on the outskirts of Cape Town. Doctors, scientists, charitable organizations, coaches, teachers and schoolchildren converged on the field on 25 February to celebrate the very first coaching session of the '11 for Health in Africa' campaign.
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24 Hour Awareness Tournament (Football 365)

Every now and again you stumble across a story that truly captures the imagination.

Being a bit of a football nut myself, playing for as many teams as I can fit in between coaching and writing about the game, I am deeply aware of the impact football has on people.

Football has the power to unite men and women from different backgrounds while simultaneously providing them the opportunity to express themselves. With so much money in the game now, it also gives players a chance, albeit a small one, through hard work and dedication, to transform their lives.
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